An overview of the ships in Conflicks: The Sublime Gate

The Sultan's fleet is concrete proof of the vast riches his empire possesses, for no other vessels feature as many colored gemstones, opulent gilding and arabesques labyrinthine than the Sublime Gate. Their stunning designs combine both square and rounded shapes, evoking power and grace.

From a meta-technological standpoint, the Sublime Gate's ships are distinguished from the other imperial houses by two major features. First, some of their weapons possess an unmatched strike force due to the discoveries of the late Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha, before he was beheaded by the Sultan following Roxelane's shenanigans, he had managed to create black powder-based metamatter. Paradoxically, the second major innovation was developed by Roxelane herself, after discovering how to use metamatter to clone herself infinitely, she managed to translate this power to the military with surprising efficiency.

Thus, ingeniously combining their superior weapons with their cloning systems, the influence of the Sultana managed to create a formidable fleet with ships as numerous as they are powerful. Their results are at their peak, for even though the Sublime Gate was the last imperial house to set sail for the stars, at this date (1789) their empire is the largest in the galaxy.

The Ships of The Sublime Gate

Patrol Ship — Iah-Class

Having seen the expression of terror on the faces of her enemies after the first experimental use of Iâh-class patrol ship, Roxalane decided to standardize its large-scale production. This little patrol ship surprises its opponent by being able to grow to the monumental size of a battleship. Although this transformation briefly paralyses the ship, it greatly increases its resistance.


Torpedo Ship — Ptah-Class

Inspired by the way a cancerous tumor works, the Ptah-class torpedo ship is capable of dividing itself into 4 identical replicas of the original ship, each able to go about their business independently. While such power has many advantages over the battlefield, it remains unpopular among the janissaries of the empire who feel "diminished" after the division, since it also affects the crew of the vessel.


Corvette — Sekhmet-Class

The Sekhmet-class corvette can create a "fire ship", a true guided bomb that will explode upon contact with any asteroid or enemy vessel, causing considerable damage. The most wicked aspect of this deadly device is that it shares the exact same appearance than an ordinary corvette which prevents foes from detecting it before it's too late.


Henship — Geb-Class

The Geb-class henship is equipped with a devastating weapon called the Death Ray, which is capable of stirring the atmosphere of a planet enough to make it impossible to raise hens to produce metamatter.


Frigate — Horus-Class

Like a real space oasis, the Horus-class frigate can regenerate the magnetic shields of the ships connected to it. Combined with the tractor beam, this regenerative ability can effectively extend the lifespan of allied ships in the battlefield before they need servicing.


Destroyer — Osiris-Class

The Osiris-class destroyers of the Sublime Gate are easily identified by their legendary Asterocannon which is capable of propelling balls of metamatter at unprecedented speeds, damaging everything in its way. The strength of an Asterocannon is so great that each shot forces the destroyer back a good distance.


Battleship — Re-Class

Boasting a special technology modeled after cell-division principles, the Re-class battleship can clone itself into 2 identical ships at the precise moment of an enemy attack.


Flagship — Atoum-Class

The scientists behind the design of the Atoum-class flagship thought that if one Asterocannon was excellent on a destroyer, then 3 Asterocannons could only be better... Unfortunately for the enemies of the Sultan, they were mortally right!