An overview of the ships in Conflicks: The Sacred Alliance

Charles V could never demonstrate his superiority over the other empires more so then when his space conquistadors lifted off earth on-board their galactic galleons to establish the first metamatter henhouses on Mars, in effect claiming possession of the galaxy. This bravado failed not in igniting the minds of the other empires, but the Sacred Alliance’s mastery of space travel would prove to be a decisive advantage in the following war. Even today, the Alliance's armada defends twice as many worlds as its closest rival.

The vessels of the Holy Armada, taking inspiration from the galleons that discovered the Americas some years before the invention of metamatter, are powered by solar energy, instilling greater mobility on their ships and the power to spit fire upon an enemy fleet.

Furthermore, the chronomancer-monks of the Imperial Inquisition have developed a mastery of the space-time continuum, being able to manipulate it at will with a special meditation technique enhanced by the consumption of metamatter. They've reach a point where they can teleport their ships across vast distances of space and even travel back in time, much to the dismay of their opponents.

The Ships of The Sacred Alliance

Patrol Ship — Malachim-Class

Piloted by the most courageous chronomancer-monks, the Malachim-class patrol ships are capable of teleporting themselves across great distances, allowing them to pass through obstacles as big as planets.


Torpedo Ship — Aralim-Class

Aralim-class torpedo ships are equipped with a space-time archiving system, allowing the ship to return to a previous position in space, provided it has not been destroyed. This singular ability to turn back time allows this ship to be used successfully in situations that would be considered suicidal for other vessels.


Corvette — Nephilim-Class

These corvettes possess the ability to emit an aura of spatial-distortion around them causing any object that collides against their hull to teleport to a random location in space, tens of cosmic leagues away from the point of initial contact. This ability works just as well with asteroids as it does with other vessels.


Henship — Ophanim-Class

Ophanim-class henships can accelerate the flow of local-time on a planet, essentially tripling its production of metamatter. However, take extra care and make sure such a planet never falls into the possession of an enemy!


Frigate — Elohim-Class

To aid the reassembly of a scattered fleet, the Elohim-class frigate was recently equipped with a very powerful Long Distance Reality Manipulator (LDRM). This breakthrough technology allows an Elohim-class frigate to relocate another allied vessel to its location, even over vast distances.


Destroyer — Erelim-Class

The Erelim-class destroyer is capable of storing solar energy and concentrating it into a ray of divine light whose destructive capabilities are unmatched. The effect is so convincing that many non-believers are converted to the Emperor-Messiah's religion upon viewing this awe-inspiring weapon in action.


Battleship — Cherubim-Class

Equipped with the controversial Hell Shaft technology capable of creating a mini-black hole upon detonation, the Cherubim-class battleships spread terror throughout the entire galaxy. Generals are advised to take extra care not to be drawn into the very black holes they create to destroy their enemies!


Flagship — Seraphim-Class

At the heart of every Seraphim-class flagship lays an immense dome of acoustic amplification, where thousands of chronomancer-monks sing in unison, engulfed in metamatter. The waves produced by this choir are captured and transformed into a telluric current that accelerates the space-time continuum around the battleship for allied vessels while decelerating it for enemy vessels.


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