An overview of the ships in Conflicks: The Celestial Empire

Being the first imperial house to discover metamatter, the Celestial Empire has an impressive mastery over it, allowing them to distinguish themselves from the other houses with the elegance and sophistication of their architectural and technological achievements. Named in honor of the ancient Greek Gods in a typical “Renaissance” spirit, their ships boast a flamboyant style, surrounded by lights and frills. The intention is to demonstrate the empire’s unparalleled mastery of metamatter in order to gain as much prestige as possible.

The weapons are powered by electricity and various magnetic fields recently developed by inventor André-Marie Ampère, which create spectacular and devastating effects. To complement these technologies, the Celestial Empire also traditionally uses what is called “Essences of Metamatter” (nicknamed Perfumes) to charm the minds and control the ships of their opponents.


The Ships of The Clestial Empire

Patrol Ship — Cerberus-Class


When moving, this nimble little ship specialized in reconnaissance missions can leave a corrosive trail made out of Essence of Destruction. Combining these trails, multiple Cerberus patrol ships working together can create near impenetrable trenches able to stop almost any enemy assault.


Torpedo Ship — Helios-Class

On top of being loaded with torpedoes to help protect their fleet from large enemy ships, this torpedo ship can create a zone of electro-magnetic interferences which can paralyze and prevent any ships that have the misfortune of sitting in it from using their weapons.


Corvette — Hades-Class

This ship is the pride of the Metascience Academy for its ability to take control of enemy vessels by creating a cloud of Essence of Concord. Once a ship is charmed, generals of the Celestial Empire can even order it to attack its former comrades, which never fails to spread terror among them...


Henship — Demeter-Class

Demeter-Class henships are equipped with a very effective metamatter-collection system able to attract and gather otherwise hard-to-reach metamatter left behind from destroyed ships.


Frigate — Hermes-Class

Equipped with an Aeolus Essence Blower, the Hermes-Class frigate is excellent at removing groups of asteroids and small vessels, such as patrol and torpedo ships. When used strategically in conjunction with a planet, the Hermes-Class frigate’s ability to create artificial winds can even turn into a deadly weapon able to crash entire enemy fleets!


Destroyer — Ares-Class

Equipped with an electrical discharge generator of impressive power, the Ares-Class destroyer is appropriately feared throughout the galaxy. The flashes of lightning it creates (pompously known as Zeus's Thunderbolts) automatically chain between ships of close proximity, and it is said that the Ares-Class is able to destroy a multitude of enemy ships in the blink of an eye.


Battleship — Atlas-Class

In addition to deploying its own patrol and torpedo ships, the Atlas-Class battleship is able to emit an Essence of Energy that super-charges any allied vessels that come close enough to it, effectively boosting the range of their guns and the power of their metamatter engines.


Flagship — Ouranos-Class

The mere mention of the Wrath of the Emperor, a legendary weapon equipped on most Ouranos-Class flagships, sends shivers down the spine of enemy generals. Emitting thousands of powerful electrical discharges in a 360 degree radius around the flagship, this deadly device is capable of destroying many large enemy ships in close proximity.


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