An overview of the galaxy in Conflicks: Sublime Gate

Even if it was the last Imperial House to have reached the stars, the Sublime Gate has expanded its territory faster than any other Empire. Although their agreement with the Celestial Empire had at one point been profitable, the Sublime Gate, with its incomparable strength, is about to no longer need external help to fight against their natural enemy, the Sacred Alliance.

Encased between the Wastars and The Anvil, the empire led by "The Sultaness" must necessarily expand its territory by conquering the Marches of Pygmalion, an operation thus far crowned with success which has pushed back the battle front up to New Vienna. In fact, the Sublime Gate seems to have less to fear from the other empires than from some internal dissidents who are still escaping the omniscience of their sovereign.

The Anvil

The empty zone corresponding today to what is called the Anvil was once a flourishing kingdom of the empire of the Sublime Gate. In the heart of this sector, Prince Selim had secretly commissioned the construction of a weapon so powerful that it could cause entire areas of the galaxy to collapse in on themselves. In fact, the weapon worked so well that it destroyed everything, including its creator and everyone who knew of its existence, except Selim, who is now working on creating a weapon that is "just a little less formidable…"

Falafel XLII

The Falafel XLII sector is aptly considered to be the metamatter grain basket of the empire of the Sublime Gate. Originally, the star that gave its name to the sector had only one planet in orbit, which was incredibly fertile and favourable for setting up henhouses, but it has since been cloned 42 times to create a huge poultry production zone. Because of its wealth, the sector is constantly being fought over by the many emirs who are trying to expand their influence.

The Great Slaughter

At the centre of the 4 empires lies a gigantic zone disdainfully called the "Great Slaughter." It is, in fact, a huge dumping ground made up mainly of the corpses of hens, manure and assorted refuse related to the production of metamatter. The density of the garbage is so great that it hinders shipping and hen-breaker vessels have been invented to ease navigation.


Selimopolis is a shipyard built by Prince Selim of the Sublime Gate for the construction of his new secret weapon: a concentrated chicken manure cannon as big as a planet and capable of extinguishing stars under a rain of poultry droppings. The prince claims that once his weapon is finally completed, no one will ever again dare to object to the Sultan declaring him his sole and unique heir, instead of Mustafa. As if the end really justifies any means…

The Seven Veils

The Seven Veils is the name given to a huge cluster of asteroids and miscellaneous space debris marking the inner boundary of the Empire of the Sublime Gate. Acting as a natural barrier against attacks from other empires, the Seven Veils are said to be impassable and until now, no one has been able to prove otherwise.

The Tulipery

The Tulipery is a solar system with 7 magnificent planets where Roxelane had the Sultan build gardens of an opulence and beauty unequaled in the galaxy. It is also the location of the Great Centre for Universal Intelligence and Control of Perceptions and Dreams, from which the "Sultaness" controls the slightest thoughts of her subjects in order to prevent any dissidence.

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Now that we've covered the protagonists and the significant sectors of the various Imperial Houses in Conflicks, we will focus on describing their military fleets and weapons, each more ingenious and deadlier then the last... See you soon!