An overview of the different factions of Conflicks : The Sacred Alliance

In the previous article of this 4-part series, we presented an overview of the Celestial Empire and the fierce Léonne d’Artagnan. This week it’s the Sacred Alliance’s turn.

The Sacred Alliance

Led by the iron hand of Charles the Fifth, who has proclaimed himself the Third Messiah, the Sacred Alliance has always been respected, but never was its glory as great as when its space conquistadors began to colonize space aboard galactic galleons. With his power derived from the mysterious chronomancer-monks who are capable of using metamatter to bend space-time, the dark emperor fears nothing and no one, and his enemies dread his divine anger as much as the power of his invincible Armada.

Brother Octavio

After being abandoned by their parents, Octavio and his younger brother Antonio were raised in a monastery of the Sacred Alliance where they became chronomancer-monks. Under the spiritual guidance of Grand Master Ignacio Alvarez, they became more radical and Antonio joined the ranks of the Inquisition while Octavio opted to fight against the empire of the Sublime Gate in the Crusades. However, when he learned of the death of his younger brother by the hands of heretics, Octavio was gripped with remorse, believing that he should have stayed alongside Antonio to protect him. Ever since he’s been guided by an “angel” pretending to be none other than Joanna of Castile, the defunct mother of the emperor, Octavio now defies space and time in a desperate quest for redemption.

Next week…

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this series on the Imperial Houses of Conflicks with the Sublime Gate and its dreaded Praetorian Janissaries!