An overview of the different factions of Conflicks : The Celestial Empire

Last week, we gave you an overview of the Imperial House of Greater Britain and one of its heroes, Wilbur Pitbottom. This week, we’ll talk about the Celestial Empire and one of its heroines, Léonne d’Artagnan, who has an unusual background.

The Celestial Empire

As the first imperial house to succeed in controlling metamatter, the Celestial Empire shines with the pomp of its court and the magnificence of its metascientific achievements, the most famous being the coveted Wine of Youth, reputed to give you eternal life. The ships of the Celestial Empire are built in a refined, flamboyant style, in the image of their monarch, the extravagant Francis the First. However, behind this gilded façade hides a society corrupt by a decadent aristocracy that even the integrity of the imperial musketeers are not able to clean up.

Léonne d’Artagnan

In spite of her young age, Léonne d'Artagnan is at the command of a powerful fleet for the Celestial Empire. She is endowed with a lively, dynamic disposition that sometimes lapses into a bad temper, but fortunately her robot companion, a monkey named Richelieu, is most often able to convince people to forget those moments. Intelligent and mischievous, Léonne knows how to handle a mind as much as the rapier, having first been taught fencing by her father when she was still a child. However, her confident appearance conceals a woman who is still naive and fragile, and who little suspects the nasty plot in which she will soon be entangled.

Next week…

We’ll present the most mystic empire of the galaxy: the Sacred Alliance and its chronomancer-monks!