An overview of the different factions of Conflicks : Greater Britain.

Today and for the weeks to come, we thought it could be great to give you a glimpse of the four Imperial Houses in our upcoming game Conflicks. We’ll start off with Greater Britain and one of its heroes, space-corsair Wilbur Pitbottom.

Greater Britain

Preserving his youth with the Wine of Youth, along with his 31 marriages, the vain Henry the Eight has reigned over Greater Britain for 279 years. His galactic empire owes its prosperity to the boldness of his merchant privateers as well as the control that the Greater Britain Galactic Bank (GBGB) has over the metamatter trade. In addition, Greater Britain has developed unsurpassed expertise in the processing of metamatter into metals such as britannium, an ultra-strong alloy that gives the vessels of his space fleet superior armour.


Wilbur Pitbottom

Wilbur Pitbottom is a romantic dandy who became a privateer because of the fascination that the profession has for women rather than any real conviction. In spite of his great courage and a certain flair for space combat, his naivety and his dreamy character have until now prevented him from prospering in the competitive world of privateers. Fortunately, he can count on his personal assistant, an owl named Unlucky Locke whose skull contains 95% of the brain of the great philosopher John Locke. The missing 5% has, however, been the source of several regrettable incidents.


Next week…

We’ll cover the noble House of the Imperial Musketeers, the Celestial Empire!