Life after Sang-Froid

Sang-Froid's final version was released on Steam in March 2013, more than a year ago. It was our first game and we are extremely proud of it. Even if it’s not perfect, it corresponds more or less to what we had in mind in the beginning: a game featuring open mechanics in which unimaginative strategies are punished as much as creative ones are rewarded, happening in a rich, unique world. To us, the most convincing proof of our success is the numerous congratulation and encouragement messages we have received from all over the world…

So Sang-Froid was a good starter. But what’s next? On this topic, the possibilities are endless! Many of you, Sang-Froid players, are waiting for a follow-up or would like us to add additional content, be they stories, traps, enemies, or new features such as the possibility to play cooperatively, or Mac and Linux support. They’re all good ideas…

…but we prefer to wait a little bit more before we make them happen. You see, the game-engine behind Sang-Froid is Virtools. It’s a fantastic engine (even though we feel it’s a little bit misunderstood by the development community, but that’s another story…) which we’re willing to admit that Sang-Froid would never have been possible without (with our budget at least!). Sadly, Virtools is also an almost dead engine for more than a year now, in the sense that it is no longer supported by Dassault(the license owner) and that it won’t be updated anymore.

This implies that we adopt a new engine, Unity, and that we re-code the whole game. Obviously, our expectations and those of our community for Sang-Froid’s sequel are quite high and we believe that it wouldn’t be honest to our players, for you, to content ourselves with basically remaking our game in Unity with just a few cosmetic changes. Since the beginning, we wanted to make Sang-Froid a cooperative game (this is why we have 2 brothers…) and it is essential for us to implement a multiplayer mode for tome II. That said, network programming is a complex affair and we needed to find a way to “sink our teeth” into a new project which, even if it is not necessarily simpler, would at least generate a little less pressure on us than tome II of Sang-Froid.

Since we’re starting a game from scratch, we thought we might as well explore a new kind of universe and theme. Believe us, we got pretty emotionally attached to our Canadian werewolves and all the legends that inspired our work and populated our dreams for the last 4 years, but we have so many other stories to tell, other universes to explore! And if, on first glance, you might think our new game has little in common with Sang-Froid, we’re persuaded to think that some of you will find some family traits between both games.

Therefore, there might be a sequel to Sang-Froid, but for now, we prefer to concentrate on a second game, which will be multiplayer and multiplatform and which will feature a completely original theme. As a matter of fact, we’re dying to show you some glimpses of this new game right now, but we will have to wait a few more weeks, if just to make you languish a little bit more… ;)

To conclude, we personally wish to thank our community for all the incredible support we've received since the release of Sang-Froid and we sincerely hope that we’ll be able to live up to your expectations a second time with our next game.

The Artifice Studio Team